Bracelets with gemstones, Dutch ceramic beads and Murano glass beads

Hello everyone!

Another quick post to show you my latest bracelets available on ElleBì Jewelry! And just in case you were wondering… I have free domestic shipping!

Ciao a tutti!

Un altro breve post per mostrarvi alcuni dei miei ultimi braccialetti disponibili su ElleBì Jewelry! Se abiti negli Stati Uniti offro la spedizione gratis!


Amethyst Chips Beads Bracelet

Immagine JPEG-E8EB5DCBE6FF-1


Silver Plated Amethyst and Blue Quartzite Bracelet

Immagine JPEG-86A5E8779529-1


Amethyst Bracelet with Round and Chips Beads

Immagine JPEG-6C7399C18A5E-1


Murano Glass Bracelet – Green or Blue

Immagine JPEG-15CEFB83B35B-1


Silver Plated Turtle Bracelet with Glass and Gemstones – Angelite and Blue Agate

Immagine JPEG-3020DACA4168-1


Dutch Ceramic and Murano Glass Beads Bracelet – Gold Plated

Immagine JPEG-77E0701E8BF7-1


Enamel Chevron Chain Brass Bracelet – Black or Turquoise

IMG_3378 copy


As usual, let me know in the comments which one is your favourite!


Have a wonderful day everyone!


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