DIY Washi Tape Bunting ✂️△▲

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today’s DIY is going to take 5 minutes and it is super pretty to decorate cards, gift packages, birthday decoration or just to hang in your bedroom on a shelf. I have seen so many of these on Pinterest so I gave it a try!


What you will need:


  • washi tape
  • twine or string
  • scissors
  • white paper


  • washi tape
  • spago
  • forbici
  • foglio bianco

1. Cut a strip of paper sheet and a piece of washi tape. Fold over the twine like in the pictures
1. Taglia una striscia di foglio e un pezzo di washi tape. Attaccalo allo spago come nelle foto

2. Trim into a triangle, flag shape or any other shape you prefer and repeat.
P.S. I used a piece of paper because washi tape is quite light and also a bit see-through. You don’t need to use it though, it’s optional 😊
2. Taglia a forma di triangolo, di bandiera o qualunque altra forma e ripeti.
P.S. Ho usato un pezzo di carta bianca perché il washi tape è abbastanza leggero e trasparente. Se non vuoi usarlo non importa, è opzionale 😊


I hung it on a shelf but I really like it on gift-wrapping paper as well. Maybe a Christmas card idea too?



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16 thoughts on “DIY Washi Tape Bunting ✂️△▲

    1. Thank you Hannah! It is one of those wall/bridging Ikea shelves that are too big for books and too small for notebooks haha. I seriously can’t wait to see your bedroom, I am sure it’s going to be wonderful!

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