Blog Update Gone Wrong!


I am so tired and frustrated after staying up late last night trying to figure out this new self hosted blog thing. It didn’t even last 2 days: I canceled it a few minutes ago.

And I lost the last award post gosh darn it EDIT It’s back on my blog!!!

So let me tell you my story. I have been reading a bunch of things about this amazing thing. (Which is a totally different thing fromย hereย is an explanation). Everyone was saying it is the best, you won’t regret it, so much more customisable than blabla. They also suggested to have at least 10.000 views per month for a start up plan๐Ÿ˜ต If you’re one of my followers you know that I have never seen that number before. But did I even care? ย no. Was I wrong? Hell yeah.

As soon as I built up my brand new self hosted website, I realised that my blog wasn’t showing up in the “reader” anymore. What?!?! That’s the place where I discovered all of you! I don’t think I wouldย have written that 100 followers post if I didn’t have the chance to use the reader! So this was probably the main reason why I canceled it.
Another reason was the follow button: gone. I read a hundred tutorials, I hacked the web site for 2 hours and after pasting an alienย text in the HTML part of the blog (that looked like thisย snรฒascnvnoifd=<<), I made it. You know what is the worse thing? For most of theย changes or amazing customisations you want to do to your self hosted website, you have to use that alien language. And I am really not made for that. I mean I speak 5 languages, but that one is scary.
So I ended up with no traffic on my website and a notification saying “congrats!!! today is your best day of likes! 1 like!” ๐Ÿ˜… Oh yeah likes were a problem too. They didn’t show up! Spent another hour figuring that out. Comments didn’t show up either. I spent another 3 hours redirecting all my posts fromย to for what? Likes were gone and I couldn’t interact with my bloggers as I wanted.

I have been chatting with probably 10-11 support technicians of that web host and they all have been kind and useful. They tried to convince me that there are ways to increase traffic and that has a bunch of plugins and stuff that didn’t have. And I am sure of that! But in order to be satisfiedย with it you need to start with a big number of views per month, as I was saying! And that wasn’t my case. It was just TOO MUCH for me. I should have done more research but you take everything for granted when you readย things like: the best choice, you won’t regret it … Oh well! Too late now. I learned the lesson! Luckily there was a 30 day money back guarantee.
But listen here,ย if any of youย is lucky enough to have a big blog then go ahead; is for you!!!

I am a happy blogger with my small family of bloggers: you guys. And I wouldn’t want it in any other way! I am not willing toย make my simple blog harder than what it should be.

Blogging has to be a pleasure, not a nightmare!

So I will stick with my tiny and simple blog and maybe upgrade it to a new plan, but always using And if ever get more traffic, I will think about getting a self hosted website again!

So now I need suggestions from you guys!!! If you have upgraded your plan to a premium or business, are you liking it so far? What do you suggest?

L a u r a


13 thoughts on “Blog Update Gone Wrong!

    1. Hahaha Tabii!!! These 2 days have been the worst ever. Things got even worse when I found out that I had 0 followers out of the blue. I finally managed to fix everything and now I am closing that website again. So I am back here!!!

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  1. Yikes I totally understand that is not fun. I have been reading all this stuff about upgrading and,i want to buy a domain name but I still want my posts to show up,in the reader idk if it is possible to do that ๐Ÿ˜‚ for now let’s just enjoy blogging


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