DIY Yarn Wrapped Decor ✂️ ❤️


Simple things are the most extraordinary. I love the cosy look of this DIY and since it was really easy I might make some more maybe for Christmas 🎄
You don’t have to choose the word “love”, this is just an example. You can actually make anything you want with this technique. You can pick “fall” using orange yarn if you’re looking for more fall decor. Christmas tree ornaments would be a great idea as well! But let’s get into this one for now.

What you will need:


  • yarn
  • cardboard
  • glue gun
  • pencil
  • cutter
  • scissors


  • filo di lana
  • cartone
  • colla a caldo
  • matita
  • taglierino
  • forbici

1. If you have an amazing handwriting then you can skip this. I wanted to make it look a bit decent so I had to print the word Love 😛
1. Se hai una bella scrittura puoi saltare questi passaggi. Io volevo che venisse fuori decente quindi ho dovuto stampare la parola Love 😛


2. So I printed it and then I put the paper on the cardboard and traced pushing as much as I could (without perforating the paper)
2. Quindi l’ho stampato e ho messo il foglio sopra il cartone e ho tracciato l’intera parola premendo (senza perforare il foglio)



3. Next I cut out the word using a cutter. Fix the imperfections with scissors
3. Ho tagliato la parola usando il taglierino. Sistema gli ultimi dettagli con le forbici

4. Now you need to wrap the yarn around it. Make sure you use a bit of hot glue to secure the yarn every time you have to cut it and start over (like for the empty spaces in the letters L, o and e)
4. Avvolgi il filo di lana attorno al cartone. Assicurati di usare sempre un po’ di colla a caldo ogni volta che tagli il filo e devi ricominciare da capo (ad esempio per gli spazi all’interno delle lettere L, o ed e)


Wrap it wrap it wrap it


Now you can either use twine to hang it or just put it on a shelf!


Hope you liked it ☺️

L a u r a

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