Sewing Machine Attempt ✂️

Hi everyone and happy Saturday!

Although today’s project is totally different from the ones that I usually do, I hope you still like it!

So this morning my mother was making some crafts for her school (yes, it’s in the genes!) and her sewing machine was on the table. I have never really had a passion for sewing or anything but I felt like this time I had to give it a try!

It all happened so fast and I didn’t think it would have turned out so nice, so I didn’t even took a picture of the necessary. And I  know this is not a DIY for everyone but in case you have one of those sewing machines that create words and borders you will only need:

  • felt
  • buttons
  • wooden box
  • glue gun


  • feltro
  • bottoni
  • scatola di legno
  • pistola colla a caldo

I am sure there are very talented people around here who can make this even without a sewing machine!
1. I cut a square of felt and I decided to sew SerendipiDIY in the middle. Next I glued a button next to it. This is the screen of the sewing machine, you just type in the correspondent number for each letter and that’s how you create a word!

1. Ho tagliato un quadrato di feltro e ho deciso di cucire SerendipiDIY in mezzo. Poi ho incollato un bottone vicino. Questo è lo schermo della macchina da cucire, bisogna solo digitare il numero corrispondente ad ogni lettera e così si scrive una parola!



It works the same way with borders and symbols. You just have to select the number and the sewing machine will do the work! There were soo many to choose from, this one in the picture is just the program #2 😲 After trying 5 or 6 borders, I went for the aztec pattern (number 87) and I just loved it!
Per fare i bordi si usa lo stesso metodo. Bisogna solo selezionare il numero e la macchina da cucire farà il resto! Ce n’erano così tanti tra cui scegliere, questo nella foto è solo il programma numero 2 😲 Dopo aver provato 5 o 6 bordi, ho scelto una fantasia azteca (numero 87) e mi è subito piaciuta!




And this is how it turned out!
Ed è venuto fuori così!



2. Finally I glued the piece of felt -aka first attempt with a sewing machine- to a wooden box and voilà!
2. Come ultima cosa ho incollato il pezzo di feltro -aka primo esperimento con una macchina da cucire- sulla scatola di legno et voilà!



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12 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Attempt ✂️

  1. This is beautiful – I like how you are doing something slightly different! 🙂 I did similar things in textiles, which I wanted to do for GCSE, but sadly not enough people wanted to do it 😦


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