DIY Halloween Pencil Toppers with Googly Eyes ๐Ÿ‘€๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ•ท๐Ÿ‘ป


So I know it’s not even October yet but Halloween is in 39 daysย and today is the first day of FALL! Today I made this DIY andย I wanted to share it with you so just grab these few things and let’s get started.
So che non รจ ancora ottobre ma Halloween รจ tra 39 giorni e oggi รจ il primo giorno d’autunno! Questa mattinaย ho fatto questo lavoretto e volevo condividerlo con voi quindi prendete l’occorrente e cominciamo.
What you need:


  • googly eyes (you will need 6 for this project)
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • felt
  • pencils (you only need 3 pencils for this project. I just didn’t want to leave the yellow one alone)
  • marker

aaand that’s it.


  • occhi finti di plastica (per questo progetto ne servono 6)
  • forbici
  • pistola colla a caldo
  • feltro o pannolenci
  • 3 matite
  • pennarello


The first one I am going to show you is the pumpkin pencil topper. You will needย the orange, green and black/brown felt.

1. Using a marker draw 2 pumpkin shapes and cut them.


1. Usando il pennarello disegna 2 forme di zucca e ritagliale


2. Now you needย to cut a little green leaf, mouth and nose so go ahead, and grab 2 googly eyes. This is what your pumpkinย should be looking like (nothing is glued yet!)
2. Ora bisogna tagliare una piccola foglia, la bocca e il naso e poi prendi 2 occhi finti. La tua zucca dovrebbe essere cosรฌ (non si รจ ancora incollato nulla)


3. Using the glue gun attach the face parts.ย Glue the leaf and pencil on the back piece of felt. It should look like this (don’t worry about the black marker, when you glue the other felt piece on top of it no one will see it, shh)
3. Prendi la pistola della colla a caldo e attacca le parti della zucca. Incolla la foglia e la matita nella metร  della zucca che sarร  il retro.


4. Now glue the front piece of felt and you’re done yayy
4. Incolla la parte davanti della zucca con quella dietro.



The concept is always the same: grab the purple felt for the 2 oval shapes and the brown/black felt for the 6 legs. Grab 2 googly eyes as well


Il concetto รจ sempre lo stesso: prendi il feltro viola e ritaglia due forme ovali, prendi il feltro marrone o nero e ritaglia 6 zambette. Prendi anche 2 occhi finti


1. Glue the legs and pencil on the back piece of felt (just like the pumpkin leaf) and the googly eyes on the face
1. Incolla le zampette e la matita nella parte che sarร  il retro e gli occhi finti sulla parte davanti


2. Glue everything together and it’s done! Minou didn’t care at all.
2. Incolla tutto insieme ed รจ fatto! Minou se ne frega.


I am sure you know how to do it now. But I took some pics anyway so I am going to show you.

1. Grab the white felt and 2 googly eyes. Cut two ghost shapes and 2 arms


Ormai sai come fare.

1. Prendi il feltro color bianco e 2 occhi finti. Ritaglia due forme di fantasma e due braccia


2. Glue them all together like we did with the pumpkin and spider and that’s it, you’re all done!
2. Incolla tutto insieme come abbiamo fatto per la zucca e il ragno et voilร !



L a u r a

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