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Since 19.09.2016

Just in love with crafts and DIYs!

For those of you who don’t know, Serendipity means a “pleasant surprise” or “fortunate happenstance”. Pretty much like when you DIY, that’s why this blog’s name is SerendipiDIY.
In this blog you will see crafts & DIYs and also handmade jewelry that I make and sell in my Etsy store. Every now and then you will also read posts related to adventures, food, places and fun stuff just because all of this belongs to what Serendipity is for me ☺️

If you see a colored text and you don’t understand what it is, don’t panic. It’s just the Italian translation, welcome to my bilingual blog! 😉

Thank you for stopping by, and if you like what I post or if you try any of my crafts make sure to share it and show me!!!

Appassionata di lavoretti DIY!

Per chi non lo sapesse, Serendipity significa una “piacevole sorpresa” o “caso fortunato”. Praticamente come quando si crea qualcosa con le proprie mani, ecco perché il nome di questo blog è SerendipiDIY.
In questo blog vedrete progetti fai da te e gioielli fatti a mano che vendo nel mio negozio Etsy. Ogni tanto vi capiterà anche di leggere dei post riguardo avventure, cibo, luoghi e cose simpatiche perché tutto ciò appartiene a quello che Serendipity è per me ☺️

Grazie per esservi fermati, e se vi piace quello che pubblico o se avete provato qualche lavoretto, condividetelo e fatemi vedere!!!

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24 thoughts on “Welcome to SerendipiDIY

    1. Hi! It usually depends on the theme but I think we have the same one (Button), don’t we?
      On the home page of your blog go to My Sites > Sharing. Next you pick the social media you want, choose the button style and also where you want to show them. It should be it!
      Also make sure to check My Sites > Settings > Plug ins: Publicize should be green because it is a plug in that comes with the theme.
      Try also My Sites > Settings > Sharing. On top you will have Connections and Sharing Buttons, check them out.
      I hope this helped! ☺️

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  1. mment: Beautiful photo! I love all the DIY stuff. It’s awesome that you post in both Italian and English. That is so cool! My family is from Pretoro, Chieti, Italy (very tiny place). I have relatives who have gone and found it after much looking. I hope to go to Italy myself someday. A huge dream of mine!!! Happy to have found your blog!!🙂🙂
    (I may have accidentally left this in a contact form instead of comments at first- sorry! 😜)

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