DIY Ring Display Idea

DIY Ring Display Idea

Hello everyone!

I’ve been loving making jewelry since the day I started a few months ago and honestly I have never stopped. It’s been a fun hobby that keeps me busy when I’m not working; it makes me really happy to see the final result of each handmade piece. Continue reading “DIY Ring Display Idea”


Etsy Shop Highlight (ElleBรฌ)

Etsy Shop Highlight (ElleBรฌ)

Check out this blog post! Julia from themomsomnia did an Etsy Shop Highlight about my Etsy Shop ElleBรฌ. Make sure to read the interview on her blog; I had so much fun answering the questions!


You may have heard of the blog SerendipiDIY. (If you donโ€™t I highly suggest you go give her page a visit). Not only is Laura a blogger but she also owns her own shop called ElleBรฌ where she sells beautifully crafted handmade jewelry!

My Interview With The Owner (Laura)

1) How long has your shop been open?

โ€œMy Etsy shop ElleBรฌ (ellebijewelry) has been open since February 2018, so itโ€™s still kind of new but itโ€™s growing fast!โ€

2) What is your favorite listing currently posted?

โ€œMy favorite listing in my shop is probably the Estate earrings. They are so special to me because they contain Murano glass beads that I personally picked in Murano, Venice. I love being able to create something that has a piece of my home country in it and the best thing is that people really seemed to love these earrings; it makes meโ€ฆ

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